Something nice about dance

We’ve been delivering high quality, fun filled dance lessons for over 8 years now! We are a non-competitive school who don’t do examinations. We reward all children - we don’t make them compete against each other. As an inclusive, not exclusive school, ALL our dance students get to participate and perform in our twice-a-year spectacular showcases!


Action packed class where students learn through sensory dance activities, games and basic ballet. They have fun with friends and use up lots of energy. It’s a great introduction to dance that sparks their imagination. They develop their skills in a creative way including balance, co-ordination, listening, musicality and teamwork as well as locomotive and non-locomotive movement. They learn the foundations of dance, develop their confidence and make lots of friends!


A progression and extension of all pre-school dance skills! Additional activities include our brilliant in-house Ballet 1 Progression Award, our Panda (Performing A New Dance Award) and our Safari (Showcase Award for Amazing Rehearsal Input). Extended skills/styles include fitness, choreography, mini talent shows, basic partner lifts, flexibility and strength, linking steps travelling, jazz and commercial dance.


A progression and extension of Year 1 dance with skills/activities pitched at a higher level. Additional activities include our fantastic in-house Ballet 2 Progression Award, Panda and Safari.

YEAR 3 & 4

A progression and extension of Year 2 dance with skills/activities pitched at a higher level. Additional activities include our awesome in-house Ballet 3 and Ballet 4 Progression Awards, Panda and Safari. Extended skills/styles include an introduction to contemporary dance, choreographic techniques and small group independence.

YEAR 5, 6 & 7

At this age students really start to develop as dancers and this is reflected in the skills/activities/styles they experience. These include contemporary dance, jazz dance, commercial dance alongside advanced fitness, strength and flexibility, partner, trio and group lifts. There’s an introduction to choreographic processes, movement components/dance structures and an exploration of music, images, motifs and different ways of creating movement. They learn about the origins of modern dance through a variety of dance practitioners and the stylistic features of their work. Students will also get to enter the prestigious West Yorkshire Youth Dance Platform at Phoenix Theatre in Leeds and perform in our in-house super SONIC (Showcase of New Independent Choreography) Award!


A progression and extension of Year 5/6/7 dance with skills/activities pitched at a higher level. Additional activities include creating solos, duos, trios and group choreography. They study and practise Horton technique and Graham technique. This group have the most complex choreography in our showcases and perform enhanced specialist work.

Clothing needs to be suitable and practical to dance in. All students are barefoot in classes except street dance who should wear trainers. Students should bring a drink.

Like all the lessons 412 offer – dance is about having fun, learning with a smile on your face and making friends! All the above is a guide to help us give your child the best experience we can! Get in touch if you’d like more info or to discuss options.