Flipping amazing!

Our brilliant gymnastics lessons are incredibly popular and open to all abilities! We have all the equipment you would expect in a top gymnastics club. This includes a huge tumble track, 2 large air tracks, vault, air blocks, crash mats, trampette, springboard etc. all set up and ready to go!

We follow the Winstrada badge and award scheme for motivating and rewarding progress and effort. Winstrada is the international body for the promotion and development of recreational and therapeutic gymnastics. Students can enter the scheme and be rewarded with a badge and certificate or simply attend lessons and participate – the choice is theirs! The Winstrada programme comprises of 10 levels or grades; grade 1 is the most basic and grade 10 the most advanced.

As an approximate guide our 4 gymnastics classes work around the following grades:

Beginners – Grade 1 to 3.
Elementary – Grade 4 to 6.
Intermediate – Grade 7 to 8.
Advanced – Grade 9 to 10.
A student can start at any level based on their ability. They do not have to have done all the badges that precede it!
Listed below is just some of the skills each level covers – there are many more but these give an indication of progression and standard.

GRADE 1 - March around the room. Balance on one foot then the other. Take big steps along a bench. Balance a bean bag on 3 different parts of the body. Hop. Jump forwards, backwards and sideways over a line or rope. Throw and catch a ball or balloon. Jump over a rope being wriggled. Throw a bean bag for your teacher to catch. Lift bean bag, held between feet, over head.

GRADE 2 - Skip quietly around the room. Walk backwards in a straight line. Show a squat position on toes without wobbling. Play musical statues. Jump up, feet together, with controlled landing. Move on hands and feet with tummy upwards. Pull yourself up a sloping bench like a seal. Log roll. Bounce a ball on the floor and catch it. Make big circles in the air with ribbon or rope.

GRADE 3 - Balance on back in a dish shape. Bunny hop into and out of hoops. Balance on tummy in arch shape. Roll forwards from squat position. Rock backwards from seated tuck position. Front support, jump feet in between hands. Hula hoop. Action song to music. At least 3 skips over rope turned by teachers. Link a jump, roll and balance together.

GRADE 4 - Straight jump with secure landing. Balance on one foot and hold for 5 seconds. Tuck roll backwards and forwards. Show dish and arch positions while lying on the floor. Sit in straddle position showing good posture. Front and back support, lower to floor. Bunny hop. 1⁄2 turn jump. Front support, jump to crouch, jump to stand Walk along bench on toes and perform a full turn.

GRADE 5 - Straight jump from bench or box top to land securely on floor. Balance on one foot on bench or box top for 5 seconds. Tuck roll backwards and forwards to stand. Roll from dish to arch and back to dish. Hold piked V sit position for 5 seconds. 2 press ups in front support and back support. Bunny hop from side to side of a bench. Tuck jump on floor. Walk backwards along bench on toes and perform a full turn. Straight jump from springboard, with run up.

GRADE 6 - Forward roll to standing. Handstand with support. Straddle roll. Backward roll. Headstand with knees bent, hold for 3 seconds. Bridge. Squat onto box top and straight jump off. Star jump from 3 sections of box. Land feet together. Leap frog over partner. Squat on and forward roll along box top lengthways.

GRADE 7 - Shoulder stand, legs vertical, hold for 5 seconds. Donkey kick from bench. Backwards roll to straddle stand. Forward roll onto box, lengthways, from springboard. Cartwheel. Handstand without support. Full twist jump. Squat onto box lengthways and straddle vault off. Squat onto box and jump off with half turn. Through vault over box broadways.

GRADE 8 - Handstand forward roll. Forward roll to straddle stand with straight legs. Round off. Two consecutive cartwheels. One handed cartwheel. A sequence of any 5 elements from the SDF award scheme. Headspring from 3 sections of box broadways. Headstand with straight legs, hold for 5 seconds. Drop back to bridge. Squat onto long box, cartwheel off.

GRADE 9 - Back flip. Backward roll to handstand. Handstand, hold for 3 seconds. Splits (forwards or sideways). Handspring. Forward or backward walkover. Straddle vault over box, lengthways. Arabesque, hold for 3 seconds. Squat onto long box, handstand overthrow off. Handstand 1⁄2 pirouette.

GRADE 10 - Tinsica. Valdez. Handstand full pirouette. Free cartwheel. Round off, 2 flics. Handspring to 1, handspring to 2. Tick Tock. Through vault over box lengthways. Squat on, handspring off with 1⁄2 turn, long box. Handspring, box or horse broadways.

Clothing needs to be suitable and practical to do gymnastics in. All students are barefoot in class. Students should bring a drink.

Like all the lessons 412 offer – gymnastics is about having fun, learning with a smile on your face and making friends! All the above is a guide to help us give your child the best experience we can! Get in touch if you’d like more info or to discuss options.