Terms & Conditions


  • 412 is only responsible for students within class hours. Getting to and from classes is the responsibility of parents/carers.
  • All students must be collected from class by a responsible adult.
  • Any student that sustains a non-emergency injury within class will receive basic first aid if required.
  • Parents will only be contacted if injury prevents a child from continuing the class.
  • If a serious injury occurs, professional medical help will be sought and parents will be notified.
  • An accident form for an injury that has prevented a student continuing class will be filled out. Parents must sign this on collecting the student.
  • Classes are very physical. Students must always follow instructions. Injuries can occur due to the physical nature of activities even when following instructions. Previous or underlying injuries can surface. By agreeing to these terms and conditions you acknowledge the risk of injury and are happy with the above first aid procedures.
  • 412 cannot be held accountable for any injuries sustained in class due to the physical nature of an activity.
  • 412 cannot be held accountable for injuries sustained if teachers’ or coaches’ instructions have been ignored or if a student has taken it upon themselves to perform/do an activity without supervision or instruction.
  • If a student feels poorly during class, they will sit out and watch. If the directors feel the student requires medical attention, parents/carers will be contacted.
  • In the unlikely event of an emergency – students will be evacuated and congregate at the nearest fire safety zone.
  • It is the responsibility of parents/carers to ensure all children come to class wearing appropriate clothing and enough to drink.
  • Retrospective claims of injuries/illness/issues brought to our attention after a student has been collected are not the responsibility of 412. If 412 has not been made directly aware by a parent/carer on collection, 412 cannot accept responsibility for what may have happend prior or later than our supervision.
  • It is the responsibility of the emergency contact to be contactable whienever a student is under our care.
  • It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to ensure they have registered each child with us (Including any siblings) separately.


  • Any student who disrespects the teachers and/or fellow students will be asked to leave the class. Parents/carers will be contacted immediately to come and collect them.
  • Any form of direct or indirect bullying or bad behaviour will NOT be tolerated and students will be asked to leave. Parents/carers will be contacted immediately to come and collect them.
  • The directors reserve the right NOT to teach/supervise children who do not adhere to the above.

Data/Social Media

  • 412 will only accept positive use of its social media pages.
  • It is the responsibility of parents/carers to ensure the contact/medical information we hold for a student is correct.
  • When lessons are underway the best way to contact 412 is via text message on 07757737486.
  • We may use your child's image on social media for celebratory and positive posts (Awards, Showcases, Achievements, Class Work etc.)

Complaints Procedure

  • If you have a complaint/comment you must immediately inform us in writing. Any verbal or electronic complaint/comment must be put in writing. Letters must be sent within 7 days of the origin of the complaint/comment.
  • Only complaints/comments from our point of contact/emergency contact who signed the student up will be acknowledged. Letters must be addressed to our premises. 412 reserve the right not to reply.
  • 412 reserve the right to stop a child attending 412 without notice if we feel communication from parents/carers (or associates) has in our opinion been, aggressive, insulting, derogatory, unfair, factually incorrect, publicly damaging and/or abusive to the school’s teachers, coaches, students or reputation.


  • Persistent non-attendees risk losing their place and/or not taking part in showcases/public performances.
  • All lessons must be paid for either upfront via half termly bank transfer or by cash on arrival.
  • All missed lessons must be paid for. There are no exceptions.
  • All monies for classes are non-refundable and non-interchangeable.
  • If an absence is unavoidable please let us know in advance when possible.
  • If a student leaves 412 the directors reserve the right not to allow them to return. By leaving 412 without an agreement from the directors shows a lack of respect to fellow students, teachers and the 412 ethos. Retrospective excuses and justifications will not be considered.
  • All fees must be paid upfront at the start of each half term. Any missed lessons are still paid for even if they are pre-planned. There are no refunds or transfers of monies.
  • If fees are not received before the teaching half term commences, 412 reserve the right not to teach a student who is still brought to lesson.

Public Performances

  • All the 412 terms and conditions apply to any public performances, backstage/communal areas and rehearsals within the 412 Hub, a venue, outside space or site specific space.
  • Public performances, backstage/communal areas and rehearsals can include showcases, shows, musical theatre shows, displays, plays, sharing(s) and more which are viewed by the public, rehearsed or waiting to perform.
  • Parents/Guardians may be sent separate information about public performances (usually a link to our website) or a text message containing specific instructions and other terms and conditions.
  • By agreeing to let your child/young adult perform/rehearse you are agreeing to both the terms and conditions stated in the link/message sent out and all the terms and conditions on this page.

Lost/Stolen Property

  • 412 is not responsible for any lost or stolen property within the 412 Hub or the space/venue where public performances take place.
  • All clothing and possessions should be clearly marked with the students’ name.
  • Please notify us by text should your child leave/forget anything. If it is found, it will be kept at the 412 Hub for 10 days and can be collected at your child’s next lesson.
  • 412 is not responsible for any items considered stolen and our insurance does not cover student’s possessions.

Online Classes

Students participating in 412 online classes either remotely as live-streaming, or as pre-recorded classes are not covered by our public liability insurance or first aid procedures.
412 is not responsible for any injury or any losses however so incurred by participating with the activities detailed in our online classes (pre-recorded or live).
Anyone participating in the classes does so at their own risk and by accessing the classes agrees to this and has parental/guardian consent.

It is the responsibility of the parent/carer to ensure their child has the following:

  • Enough room to participate in the activity without there being any obvious risk of injury to themselves, to others, or risk of any damage to surrounding property.
  • Participants should perform within the remit of their own limits and should not participate if there is any existing injury.
  • The flooring and the room is safe for the activity to be undertaken and appropriate clothing is worn by participants.
  • That where appropriate, and especially in respect of activities for children, students have suitable safeguarding measures in place, a parent/guardian present, or the consent of the parent/guardian for the children/child to participate at home.
  • Any student over the age of 18 who does not require parental/guardian consent agrees to all our terms and conditions.
  • By accessing our online classes our emergency contact agrees to all our terms and conditions.
  • All other terms and conditions with this list that 412 deem applicable apply to all online classes (Pre-recorded or live) as they do to live classes.


  • Terms and conditions are put in place to ensure that 412 is a secure, safe, relaxed and fair environment for students and staff.
  • By adhering to the above you can help us maintain equality, impartiality and professionalism at 412.
  • 412 reserve the right to change the above terms and conditions.