Stage Performance

What a performance!

Our stage performance lessons are fantastic and really help young people develop their creative, social and performance skills!

Our lessons are designed to build confidence, enhance inventiveness and allow everyone a chance to fulfil their potential. All our stage performance students have the opportunity to showcase their talent and hard work to the public!

We have two stage performance classes. One is suited to our younger students and the other to students in school year 4 and above. The content of the classes is naturally pitched at different levels for the different age groups.

Every class is unique but always centres around the creation of a performance. Students will have the opportunity to develop their skills in acting, singing, dancing and musical theatre.

The lessons are incredibly diverse and engaging. Students might work on a routine from a musical theatre show, a scene from a play, a devised group piece, a dance number… each week the students will develop their skills in different areas in order to become brilliant stage performers!

They will build confidence by playing drama games and improvising and creating scenes. They will develop their social skills through team building exercises and working as an ensemble.

They will start to build up a repertoire of short performances which will ultimately lead to a showcase. The class focuses on learning within a group so students can progress naturally and develop their skills over time.

412 Stage Performance is about having fun, learning with a smile on your face and making friends! All the above is a guide to help us give your child the best experience we can! Get in touch if you’d like more info or to discuss options.